Background Screening

Third of employees asked to commit furlough fraud

According to a survey by Crossland Employment Solicitors, 34% of employees have been asked by their bosses to work while being furloughed by their company. At one manufacturing firm, staff received a 20% pay cut as well as being expected…

Screening: Why your personal brand is important

A new survey has revealed that 90% of employers factor candidate’s social media accounts into their hiring decisions. Furthermore, 79% have rejected a candidate based on their social media content. It’s a challenging time to be in the job market….

degree fraud
Degree fraud: advancing past levels you never imagined

Half of UK employers have been a victim of degree fraud. However, many do not take action to safeguard their business. Continuing, here are the key findings: -A quarter of CVs contains inconsistencies. Moreover, 15% were related to a candidate’s…