Custom Screening for Your Industry Needs


Industry Specific Verification for Trusted, Compliant Employment Checks

We work with every type of business globally – here are some of our specialist areas.

Financial Services

We have extensive expertise providing background screening services to the UK and international financial service sector – employee screening at all levels up to Senior Manager and Certificated Roles for banks, hedge funds, stockbroker firms, insurance companies and wealth management organisations.

We conduct background screening checks for companies that provide products and services to firms regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) including software houses, call centres and recruitment agencies.

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The FCA employee background checks include financial probity, directorships, employment referencing (including FCA referencing), academic and professional qualifications verifications, criminal record searches, sanction, watch list and PEP checks, as well as searches of the FCA Register.

Background screening checks are tailored to your differing levels of risk by role, marketplaces, customer requirements, regulators etc. Our extensive global client experience across all sizes of organisation means our employee checking service can advise on pre employment vetting checks and ongoing/annual screening checks.

Use our Digital ID Service to manage the Right to Work process for you.  Digital ID checks enable employers to digitally verify identities prior to employment. Our dedicated account team can set you up to run digital ID checks in less than an hour with live chat, call, and email support.

Security (BS7858 Checks)

The British Standards Institute (BS 7858:2019) is the vetting standard for security personnel, confidential records and the data security sectors. Our complete pre-employment screening services follow this standard code of practice to help a wide variety of industries make informed decisions, mitigate hiring risks and safeguard your data to ensure you meet regulatory obligations.

A bad hire has far-reaching consequences and can threaten financial success and damage your brand and reputation. Keep your staff and property safe whilst meeting compliance responsibilities.


We work with all types of healthcare facilities – from NHS hospitals and community health clinics to nursing homes, and our healthcare screening services provide trusted, compliant background screening services, including professional qualification, licence checks, education verification checks, employment history and reference checks, all three levels of criminal record checks ( incl. barred list checks) and social media checks.

We are also able to conduct record checks on healthcare professionals such as doctors and nurses using on-line register databases via organisations like the GMC and NMC. Our service can be customised to fit the needs of your organisation.

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Government Services (BPSS Checks)

Credence provides many clients with background screening checks in accordance with those detailed in the UK government Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS). This level of screening compliments additional screening needs that allows companies to progress their staff through to other levels of vetting including Counter Terrorist Checks, Security Checks, Enhanced Security Checks, Developed Vetting and Enhanced Developed Vetting.

Religious Organisations

We understand the need to guarantee the safety of congregations through preventative background checks and annual screenings. Credence provides comprehensive screening for staff, clergy, and volunteers to ensure child sexual offender checks are covered.

Schools Colleges and Universities

Whether it’s background screening for teaching staff, administrators, canteen staff, volunteers or site contractors, Credence has educational establishments screening services covered. Our easy and trusted employee, student and contractor background screening processes provide peace of mind, including medical record tracking for students seeking healthcare clinical rotations. 

We conduct screening checks based on the guidelines set out by the Department of Education, in order to protect children in Education. Checks such as Enhanced DBS with Child Barred List, along with international criminal checks if required, In addition, we check academic and professional qualifications, as well as Right to Work checks. 

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Non-Profit Organisations

For non-profit organisations, we understand the need to balance accurate and comprehensive background checks within charitable budgets. We work with your organisation to customise a package that meets your needs, and we offer a discount for eligible non-profit organisations.

Retail and Supermarkets

In retail, your employees are the face of your company and have a direct line to your customers and finances, including cash handling. Credence can provide the reliable, thorough and compliant background screening or seasonal hiring checks (reduced scope) you need at scale. We conduct pre-employment and in-role screening checks to minimise the risk of internal theft. 

Volunteer Screening

Ensuring safety across your organisation using Credence background screening means checks can be applied to all volunteers with access to your customers, clients, patients, or staff. Our volunteer background screening is equivalent to your direct hires, including standard criminal record (DBS) checks as a package which enables due diligence without breaking the bank.

Aviation – Department For Transport Airside Pass Checks

Whether hiring pilots, cabin crew, baggage handlers, security, dispatch, ground, catering or retail staff, our background checks for Department of Transport (DfT) security clearance – meet DfT Airside Pass Check requirements to enable employees to work unescorted within restricted areas of airports. We carry out criminal record (DBS) and reference checks to meet British Airport Authority (BAA), Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), and DfT Airside Pass Check or airport ID requirements. Pre-employment and continuous screening programs are available.