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Private Background Check

Credence is a business background screening service.

Background Screening for Private or Self-Employed Individuals

We do not operate screening services for private or self-employed individuals such as checks for private coach, taxi, delivery drivers or cleaners.

If you are self-employed, you may have customers who want you to have a valid DBS check in order to complete your work. Individuals can get a basic DBS check by applying for it themselves here.

Standard DBS Check or Enhanced DBS Check

DBS checks are designed for employers to check the criminal records of their staff, potential employees or contractors. Due to the important nature of some of the questions present on the application, a self-employed individual cannot carry out a full check on themselves.

However, if you are a self-employed and require a DBS certificate at the Standard or Enhanced level, then you must get an organisation you work for to apply for it on your behalf. You might also be a member of a professional body that can help.

For further information on screening for private individuals please refer to the government advice.