Adverse Media Screening


Protect Your Reputation

We can tailor candidate media checks to specifically look for anything to do with drugs, racism, extreme political views, violence, excessive use of bad language, sexism and also specific searches pertaining to your business and anything else that could bring your organisation into disrepute.

Types of Media Checks:

Adverse Media Screening

Adverse media screening searches worldwide news articles and publications, which includes licensed publications, and online publications like websites, blogs, images and/or videos. We can tailor the list of search strings using words such as banned, fraud, drugs, arrested, prison, fine, court, jury, etc, so the search picks up all relevant published articles with the candidate’s name and any of the words mentioned in the search strings.

Social Media Check

The social media check scans a candidate’s publicly available social media accounts, i.e. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, to look for adverse views, comments and photos. Reportable findings can include credible threats of violence, to kill, to damage property and evidence of hostility based on race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or transgender identity. We find all candidates social media accounts, even ones non declared. All checks are carried out with full consent. 

Full Internet Search

The full internet search looks for anything that a candidate has written or has been linked to that may be of interest to you. We can look at published press articles, websites, blogs, forums, etc.

Webinar: Why social media is a key part of background screening

This social media screening webinar covers how to safeguard your company’s reputation and protect staff, customers and the public via thorough social media checks to minimize the risk of a bad hire.