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Criminal Background Check UK: The Three Types

Here’s how to establish a background screening policy and set the standards for how to run a background check for employment.

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How Long Do Pre Employment Checks Take

Our screening experts with 29 years experience weigh in with answers to how long do pre employment checks take.

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Adverse Media Screening: How to Stay Compliant

The consequences of inadvertently engaging with individuals associated with fraud or unethical online behaviour can be dire. Here’s how adverse media screening helps.

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Background Check for Employment UK: Establishing a Policy

Here’s how to establish a screening policy in your organisation to set standards for a background check for employment.

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Importance of Background Checks: Why Screen Employees

Here are all the reasons why it’s important to run a background check on prospective employees.

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The Ultimate Guide to Airside Pass

Our experts detail everything you need to know about the airside pass background screening for aviation.

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Director Checks: What You Need to Know

Vet your executives to avoid disaster with director checks. Here’s what you need to know.

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What is BPSS Clearance

What is BPSS clearance? Here’s what you need to know about this specialised government screening.

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Background Screening in the Middle East

The key to effective background screening in the Middle East are these three background checks.

Certn Credence Background Screening Integrates with Talos ATS to Streamline Employment Checks

Certn Credence, a global leader in International background screening, has announced that we have integrated our comprehensive check technology platform with the award-winning Talos Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to help businesses streamline their employment checks and reduce their hiring risk. …

Lower Risk: 3 Background Checks for Employment

Don’t hire dishonest employees. Lower risk with these three background checks for employment.

Certn’s Background Screening Gets $30M Boost

VICTORIA, BC April 20, 2023 – Today Certn, a leader in online background checks and identity verification, announced it secured an additional US$30M in Series B financing with over US$29.5M coming from Export Development Canada (EDC). This brings Certn’s venture funding total to over…