Directorship Check


Minimise Conflicts of Interest Arising from Candidate’s Current or Past Directorships

Gain insights into an individual’s current and historic company directorships to uncover any risks associated with the companies they have been appointed to.

Senior Management Screening

Hiring into senior or regulated roles requires more than just verbal or written verification of employment, as the wrong choice could result in public relations and fiscal damage for your business. We help firms ensure that there are no conflicts of interests due to candidate holding directorships with undisclosed companies, or indeed instances where the candidate may have been disqualified as a corporate officer.

The Directorship Check

The Directorship check investigates both current and past directorships along with highlighting if your candidate has held any previous disqualifications or is currently barred from being a director. The information found within a Directorship check including dates of appointment, previous companies and details of any disqualifications can prove vital information when looking to employ a new director within your business. Additionally, a Directorship check can also be used for employment purposes, for example if your candidate was self-employed with their own limited company, conducting a Directorship check would help to confirm dates of their employment. 

Imagine hiring a new director for your organisation without conducting a Directorship check then discovering that they are currently disqualified by Companies House, which would waste your time and potentially damage your company’s reputation. Moreover, with our quick turnaround times combined with the simplicity of our online system this allows you to employ swiftly and with complete self-assurance that you are employing the most suitable candidate for the job. 

Credence’s Directorship search can be carried out against UK Companies House, as well as other corporate registers in other countries, where such information is readily available.