How Long Do Pre Employment Checks Take

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In this blog post, our background screening experts answer, “How long do pre employment checks take?” 

There’s no single answer. The duration of pre employment checks varies depending on several factors, including the complexity of the job, the types of checks being conducted, and the capacity of the screening vendor. Fortunately, you can speed up the process with automated online screening. Keep reading to find out more!

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Complexity of the Job

The complexity of the job can impact how long do pre employment checks take because often the more complex the job role, the more extensive the screening is. Jobs that require specialised skills or certifications may require additional time for verification of those qualifications. For example, a high-level executive position or a job involving financial responsibilities might require more thorough background checks such as a director check, reference checks, and education verification.

Additionally, certain industries such as health care or finance have strict regulatory requirements that necessitate thorough background checks and verifications. These additional steps can extend the duration of the pre employment screening process. For jobs requiring security clearances, such as the BPSS clearance, how long do pre employment checks take can be lengthy and involved. This can include extensive background investigations, interviews, and security checks by government agencies. The complexity of obtaining a security clearance can extend the overall hiring timeline.

Finally, if the job involves international aspects, such as working with clients or partners abroad, additional checks like international criminal background checks or verification of foreign qualifications might be required, which can add complexity and time to the process.

It’s important to note that while the complexity of the job can extend the screening timeline, employers often aim to balance the need for thorough screening with the desire to expedite the hiring process to secure top talent. Communication between the employer and the candidate regarding the status of checks and any potential delays is crucial to managing expectations.

Type of Checks Being Conducted

Here are some general estimates for how long do pre employment checks take:

Criminal Record Checks: These checks can typically take anywhere from one to 10 working days. However, if there are delays due to incomplete or inaccurate information, the process may take longer.

Reference Checks: Reference checks often depend on how quickly the references respond to inquiries. Typically, this process can take around one to two weeks.

Employment Verification: The time required for employment verification depends on the responsiveness of previous employers. This process might take around one to two weeks.

Education Verification: Verifying educational credentials can take a week or two, especially if the educational institution needs to be contacted.

Credit Checks: Credit checks can take a week or so, depending on the extent of the check and any potential issues that need further investigation.

These estimates are general guidelines. Delays can occur for various reasons, such as difficulty contacting references, discrepancies in the information provided by the candidate, or administrative processing time.

Capacity of the Screening Vendor

Fortunately, our automated online systems can handle a high volume of requests simultaneously, making them well-suited for organisations processing a large number of background checks within a short period.

Credence screening analyst answering how long to pre employment checks take

Faster Automated, Online Background Checks

How long do pre employment checks take? Faster if you use our screening services! Online automated background checks like the ones Credence Background Screening, a Certn company, offers can return faster results compared to traditional manual screening because we have access to digital databases and online records, allowing us to more quickly retrieve and compile information. This reduces the need for searches through physical records or contacting multiple sources. 

Our online platform also uses sophisticated algorithms and search techniques to quickly scan and match information from various databases. These algorithms can process, cross-reference, and aggregate data much faster than a human researcher. Manual checks might require separate inquiries to different sources, leading to longer processing times.

Automated processes are less prone to errors that can occur in manual data entry or record interpretation. This can lead to more consistent and accurate results. Though, our background screening analysts are always around to provide customer support, vet results to ensure a thorough and accurate assessment of a candidate’s background, and help process more specialised or nuanced inquiries.

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