Third of employees asked to commit furlough fraud

According to a survey by Crossland Employment Solicitors, 34% of employees have been asked by their bosses to work while being furloughed by their company. At one manufacturing firm, staff received a 20% pay cut as well as being expected to continue working while furloughed. And some employees working for firms with a sponsor licence had been threatened with deportation unless they agreed to the furlough fraud.

In addition, the article details how a third of furloughed employed were told to carry on doing their usual jobs. Whilst a further 29% were told to take on more administrative tasks. Furthermore, one in five had been asked to cover someone else’s job. Some were asked to work for a company that was linked to their employer whilst on furlough.

Beverley Sunderland, the managing director of Crossland had this to say:

Like any fraud, this is a serious offence and an exploitation of employees. As it is fraud on the Treasury then an employer could be imposed with a hefty fine and potentially face imprisonment.

Check out the full article here.

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