Looking for a remote job – try Jooble

Founders Roman and Evgeniy, who studied together at Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

The pandemic has provided a harsh environment for job-seekers, so we’d like to highlight the service that the Ukrainian company Jooble provides if you are seeking new employment. They also provide support for the growing market for jobs based on home-working.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we recommend skipping on BPSS, criminal record checking or other relevant pre-employment screening!

If you want to skip the explanation and just check out Jooble’s service, you can try it out here.

Our goal is to help any person find a job, regardless of his or her place of residence, language, religion, skin color or beliefs.


Jooble give four ways in how they go about achieving this goal:

  1. They aim to be aware of all current job vacancies – no matter the country or where they are advertised.
  2. The tools Jooble create are simple and intuitive, with the goal of letting people find work that their unique skillset applies to.
  3. They provide insights into workplace environments to their users to allow a more informed decision on whether a position is suitable for them.
  4. In order to carry out the philosophy of a simple and intuitive service, Jooble aim to remove unnecessary technical complexity such as extra mouse clicks or intermediaries.

The following is taken from Jooble’s about page, giving an insight into their philosophy:

The way we work moving towards our goal:

1. We trust and respect people we work with; we are ready to listen to the opposite point of view and can put ourselves in the place of another person.

2. We independently take the initiative to work on new assignments; we do not wait a moment until someone tells us what to do. We individually search for new tasks to work on, assess their possible impact on the company, and start working on the most important one.

3. We invest all our energy and passion in our work; therefore we are continually searching the answer to the question: “What else can be done better?”

4. We are the main reason for what is happening to us. Therefore, we take responsibility for all our decisions and results.

How we treat money:

1. We cognize that we need a profit for the long-term realization of our mission. However, we keep in mind that the pursuit of immediate benefits can be devastating in the future.

2. We experiment with new sources of income, products, and are ready to invest in promising areas.

3. In our expenses, we are guided by the question: “What benefit will we get from a certain solution?” instead, “How much does it cost?”

4. We maintain accurate accounting records in a timely manner to ensure stability for employees, partners, and shareholders.

When we are in doubt about making the right choice, we are guided by the question: “Will this solution help someone find a suitable job?”.

If you’re interested into a deeper dive into what Jooble offer, their history and some case studies, check out Startups Magazine’s article on them here.