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Background Screening Checks

Credence Background Screening provides a full range of pre-employment screening services and background checks.

HR Services & Solutions

Credence Background Screening is a long established, privately owned company that provides international screening services to organisations across the world, ranging from small businesses to giants in oil and gas.

Industry Specific Checks

We provide background screening services that are applicable to a wide range of industry sectors.

Credence Background Screening works with organisations across the world including Europe, the Middle East, the US, Asia and Australia to provide an international range of services which include screening checks, industry specific checks, and solutions for your HR department. Our client list ranges from small businesses, through sporting associations, to one of the largest oil companies in the world.

Our background screening checks encompass all areas of identity verification checks, criminal record and due diligence. We offer employment specific services such as Right to Work, employment gap checks, education, directorship checks, occupational health and professional membership. Meanwhile, our media searches press within the press and internet including social media.

We provide industry specific checks ideal for transport, finance, and security. Meanwhile, our employment checks enable us to act as an extension to your own HR department by conducting exit interviews and giving access to our secure online service which allows easy pre-employment screening.

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