Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) Check

BPSS Check

Compliant Screening for BPSS Clearance

The Baseline Personnel Screening Standard (BPSS) is used by businesses who wish to screen staff working on UK government contracts. 

The BPSS is a mandatory UK requirement for anyone who has access to government assets in the course of their work.

Background Screening to Meet Mandatory Employment Requirements

Only an employer can request a BPSS check. This level of screening serves as a baseline to higher government levels of screening, including Counter Terrorist Checks (CTC), Security Clearance (SC) and Developed Vetting. We carry out pre-employment screening and background checks to meet UK mandatory government requirements or to benchmark your company’s screening standards.

  • Meet rules for government services BPSS ensures organisations are employing people entitled to work in the UK
  • Meet minimum safety and security standards – Screen individuals with access to government resources
  • Tackle identity fraud – Identify and mitigate any risk of identity fraud or illegal activity.

The BPSS Check Includes:

  • Right to Work Check – Nationality and immigration status verification to undertake work (digital Right to Work checks are available)
  • ID Verification – Full identity verification of up-to-date documents such as driving licences and passports (document checking service can be conducted virtually)
  • Basic Criminal Record Check (Basic CRC) – A check of unspent convictions conducted through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), Disclosure Scotland, or AccessNI
  • 3 Year Employment History Check – Additionally, we would need to give a reasonable account of any significant periods (6 months or more in the past 3 years) of time spend abroad.If a period of education falls within the 3 year period a reference from the educational establishment will be obtained. For periods of self-employment, evidence is obtained confirming that the individual’s business was properly conducted and was terminated satisfactorily. 

Turnaround time: 10-15 working days

Frequently Asked Questions

The Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) is the mandatory pre employment screening required by all employees working in UK government departments.

You can read more about the government requirements here: