International Fraud Awareness Week

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Fraud Prevention

Remote recruitment has been both a blessing and a curse for organisations. On the one hand, companies can more easily hire from a global talent pool. On the other, this gives remote workers access to sensitive information that would otherwise be controlled in-house.

KPMG released a study of over 70 companies, of which 72 per cent believed fraud was on the rise. Despite a gradual turn away from total remote working and a return to the office, KPMG concludes “the risk of fraud may still be on the rise.”

Employee screening – along with other measures, such as keeping up-to-date workplace policies – will help you reduce the risk of fraud. It’s not only new hires that can pose a risk but existing staff too.

A variety of screening solutions can smooth your firm’s onboarding process. Comprehensive background screening contributes to having a secure workplace, a workforce you can trust and the prevention of reputational and financial risks.


It’s best practice to rescreen staff as they integrate more closely into your organisation, rising to more senior positions – whilst also having a personal life. The conditions around an employee may have changed drastically since they were first hired. This is especially important in sectors regulated by the FCA or SMCR, where there are potentially severe consequences.

Pre-Employment Screening

With recruitment switching increasingly to digital, it can be hard to get a proper read on a prospective hire. Background checks remove uncertainty and allow you to be confident that your hiring decision is right for the business.

Degree and employment history fraud is a shockingly common problem that can seriously damage your company’s image: eliminate it completely with pre-employment screening.

International Checks

As it becomes increasingly common to hire worldwide, so does the need to have a screening partner with truly global capabilities. If your organisation is international or is bringing staff in who have worked abroad, Credence has expert analysts on hand with the language capability and cultural knowledge to handle the case correctly.

Our network reaches from the US, the EU, the Middle East to Australia and New Zealand. Our senior management has over 80 years of experience building this network: you can be certain that Credence’s rigorous standards will be applied to your check, in accordance with local laws.

International Fraud Awareness Week: Post-Pandemic Fraud Landscape