What Is Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS)? A Guide

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Employers caught hiring unauthorised workers could face up to 20,000 pounds per worker in fines. They can also face up to 5 years in prison. The importance of verification extends beyond simply verifying their rights to work, however.

Verification of employees for secure positions has some added steps as well. Job clearance is necessary for workers seeking positions where sensitive information is available.

BPSS check is the basic security check required to work with sensitive information. Different types of government jobs have different clearance demands.

This may all sound a little overwhelming, but this article will ensure you find the help you need for success!

BPSS Check For National Security

BPSS stands for Baseline Personnel Security Standard. This security check is the basic check someone must go through before getting a position working with the government.

People who go through this screening test are those who handle sensitive information. Originally, people who served in these positions needed to pass the Basic Check.

The Basic Check was more of an employment check, however. It did check criminal history, but it was not as in-depth as the Baseline Personnel Security Standard.

The goal of the BPSS is to combat terrorism and crime. While not exclusive for government employees, the goal remains to same. Anyone exposed to sensitive information needs proper clearance.

This can include non-government contractors and other third parties. But, the purpose of the check remains the same for all.

What Might The BPSS Investigate?

What the BPSS investigates is key to understanding its purpose. The BPSS is primarily concerned with national security. They do not only check for the obvious signs.

Surprisingly, applicants are not always required to go through terrorist checks If the investigator feels it is necessary, they may request a CTC (Counter Terrorist Check).

This investigation is not applied to all applicants, however. It is usually applied to military members and police officers. This investigation is also applicable to those working with certain politicians.

There are also more intensive checks that are available but are not always included. These include the Security Check and the Enhanced Security Check.

These are simply more advanced forms of the Baseline Personnel Security Check. They investigate the applicant’s history in depth. This could include all criminal checks and financial history.

The BPSS always includes a criminal check and identity checks. These may sound rather basic, but this check is usually considered sufficient for contractors.

Other portions of the security check include unserved sentences and your travel history. Each of these checks intends to investigate the character of the applicant and if they seem to be hiding something.

BPSS Check Of A Person’s Right To Work And Identity

The first tier of the BPSS security check is the certification of one’s right to work in the country. The right to work in the country is primarily a verification check of the person’s papers.

These papers include the need to verify that the individual has passed the right to be in the country. Additionally, it checks if the person has the appropriate paperwork to work in the country.

U.K. citizens qualify for this almost instantly after their papers are submitted and verified. This is because a U.K. citizen is a qualified individual to work in the country.

However, others such as European citizens who are part of the European Union may qualify as well. They may need to obtain a resident’s visa. For others, the process is much more complex.

It is much harder for a non-citizen to obtain identity clearance, which is considered an essential feature. Identity clearance is vital to passing the BPS check.

It is not impossible to get clearance, however, as a non-citizen. One of the main things to focus on is ensuring you have a visa and a worker’s permit.

But, the security clearance can be more difficult as well for a non-citizen. This is because the verification process requires certain documents. These might include travel records that may be hard to obtain.

Criminal and travel records are fairly easy to obtain. But for other nations, the process is thought to be very complicated. Your best bet would be to ensure you have work clearance before applying.

BPSS And Criminal Background Checks

A criminal background check is a very important part of this security check. The goal of the security check is to make sure the applicant is not a villain or potentially dangerous.

The criminal check for BPSS clearance investigates only unserved sentences. This means if you have fulfilled your sentence, it should not impact your job clearance.

Travelling and living abroad may require a more stringent check. If you have spent more than six months abroad for the past three years, you may need to get an international criminal check.

Based on the position you apply for, they may require you to complete a more stringent check. The Disclosure and Barring Service is a more intensive criminal check.

This check is not required, but the employer may request it. It differs based on where you live in the U.K. or if you live abroad. It can check almost anything regarding past convictions and served or unserved sentences.

BPSS Check For Your Company’s Safety

Hiring individuals without the proper clearance could result in fines and penalties. Hiring unauthorized workers is a major issue all over the world, and can result in thousands in penalties.

Your business should not fall victim to falsified papers and stolen identities. A BPSS check protects not only you but others from potential criminal threats.

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