UK Criminal Record Checking: Industry Updates

The Criminal Records Trade Body (CRTB) are pleased to be hosting the second in a series of live events aimed at providing insightful updates on the Criminal Record Checking industry in the UK.

The event will shine a light on Criminal Record Checking (CRC) throughout the UK, and will feature the General Manager of Access Northern Ireland, Tom Clarke, and Director at Dominic Headley & Associates, Dominic Headley.

The core theme for this event is to update the CRC Industry on current trends facing the industry as well as more information on the work of Access Northern Ireland. Key elements include:

• An introduction to Access Northern Ireland

• Future plans for Northern Ireland, including the NI Government’s recent consultation

• An overview of recent changes to filtering & disclosure periods across the UK

In addition to this, we will provide attendees with an overview of the positive work the CRTB are carrying out in collaboration with all UK CRC Agencies to further the UK’s safeguarding agenda.

Future events in this series will focus on the work being completed with Disclosure Scotland (DS) and further updates on the industry in England & Wales.

We look forward to welcoming you to our second live, online event.

Lauren Edwards, Secretary, PBSA Criminal Records Trade Body (CRTB)