Infographic: 10 Steps to Prevent Employment Application Fraud

It is never a good idea to lie on your CV, honesty really is the best policy. Even if employers think a candidate is a perfect fit, uncovering a lie on an applicant CV through accurate background screening can send a person straight home, consume costly management time, potentially damage company reputations and risk workforce or public safety.

HR managers and recruiters are clued up that applicants can exaggerate their skills and experience on their CV. Employers are increasingly undertaking thorough credential checks to find out if their candidates are the real deal.

Employees lying on their CV can have serious consequences as when an employer realizes a person is unqualified to carry out a role sufficiently, or where a qualification is required to legally carry out a job, legal action may result.

We undertake thorough digital identity checks to ensure client employees really are who they say they are. We check that applicants have genuine academic qualifications, and relevant work history. This 10 step infographic looks at key checks for international workforce screening

Investing in pre-employment background checks can save hours and substantial costs preventing mistaken hires based on inaccurate CV information.

Published in HR Grapevine Feb 2023

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