PBSA Webinar: Updates in the CRC Industry and the DBS

CRTB webinar

Our Managing Director, Hedley Clark, will be speaking alongside Ian Johnston, Executive Director for The Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) in a free webinar hosted by our industry body, the PBSA. The webinar is aiming to illuminate progress in the Criminal Record Checking (CRC) industry throughout England and Wales and Hedley will be speaking on cooperation between the industry and the CRC.

The first in a series of webinars planned by the PBSA, the theme will be tackling the most important matters that the industry is currently facing, such as:

  • Changes to DBS processes as a response to COVID-19
  • Upcoming legislative changes
  • A review of the 5-year strategy that the DBS has recently published

The webinar will also feature an overview of the collaborative work the Criminal Records Trade Body (CRTB) is conducting alongside all the UK CRC Agencies in order to further the UK’s safeguarding agenda.

Future webinars will focus on updates to the rest of the UK – in collaboration with Disclosure Scotland and Access Northern Ireland.

The first webinar will be on December 3rd at 2 pm, and you can register for it here.

A recording of the webinar is available here: http://pubs.thepbsa.org/pub/D564BAC4-C5CE-B5E6-0D73-481C0C93DB8B