March Social Media Check Results

March social media check results

Social Media Screening: March Report

Insights from March

March social media check results summary
  • 16.6% of all checks displayed a red flag – indicating high risk behaviours.
  • 83.4% of all checks displayed a green flag, giving confirmation of the candidate’s suitability.
  • The volume of checks continues to build, with a 39% increase over February, which itself saw a 34% increase over January.

The total amount of red flags rose dramatically from 12% to nearly 17%, the highest level we’ve seen since October 2021.

March social media checks - main findings

Red flag cases were made up of four main categories: Inappropriate or Undesirable content at 39.87%, Sexually Explicit Content at 24.84%, Hate/Discriminatory Behaviour at 16.99% and Violent Content at 16.34%.

As the broadest category, inappropriate/undesirable content once again makes up the majority of red flags – although it has seen a sharp drop from the 48% we saw in February. The proportion of sexually explicit content returned to making up nearly a quarter of flags after it dropped to 18% of cases in February.

The proportion of violent content and hateful/discriminatory behaviour continues to remain high, although with a slight decrease from the 18% seen in February.

Finally, potential addiction or substance abuse made up 1.31% of cases.

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