Global Background Checks

Global Background Checks - leading a successful global team

Institutions increasingly hire from the global market, looking for the best talent. However, it’s important to consider the added risk in this situation, and global background checks can go a long way to mitigating it. Credence and our sister company Garancie have experience conducting these checks worldwide. However, issues such as compliance, or even cultural considerations can pose a problem.

A number of recent changes combine to change the way companies carry out this kind of screening. For example, the COVID-19 pandemic has increased remote working on a worldwide scale. Furthermore, the last twenty years has seen a huge increase in access to – and demand for – travel. Consequently, there are more people working and living abroad than at any previous time in history. Whereas in the past companies would screen locally, for example, with each office carrying out checks in its respective country, this method is now less relevant. If companies want the best talent – to work remotely, or domestically, a global background check system can help you.


If your business is not ready to conduct global background checks, problems may arise. For example, if your organisation usually hires locally and suddenly needs to screen a candidate who has been abroad. You don’t want to search for a partner with both compliance and global screening capabilities at the eleventh hour.

Credence has continuously developed its global screening capabilities through some central points.

Language Capabilities

Communication is one of the biggest barriers to carrying out global background checks.

Whilst other companies may outsource their analysts, Credence has a complete in-house team, and among them fluent speakers of many languages.

You will never have to worry about something being lost in translation, local laws and compliance issues being misunderstood. It’s not only legal differences this aids: this also prevents misunderstanding of cultural nuance, and allows us to adapt to the local customs.

A Global Network and Compliance Expertise

Our client base includes organisations throughout Europe, the Middle East, the US, Asia, and Australia. We service a wide range of industries, including financial services, industrial, oil & gas, business services, consulting, property management, education, and IT-related. 

As such, we’ve built up a vast global network of suppliers and partnerships. Combined with our management team having decades of experience in the international screening market, this puts us in a unique position to smoothly carry out checks globally.


When screening in the eurozone, organisations must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Whilst we’re sure you’re familiar with the term, GDPR is how the EU regulates data protection. The intention was to give citizens more control over their data via an opt-in approach to sharing information and the right to request data deletion. As we covered in our last blog post, the EU has been handing out record fines to companies that do not comply.

We take our GDPR responsibilities seriously. All Credence employees undertake comprehensive data protection training. Furthermore, we also have strict procedures in place. As such, these make sure that your data is kept safe and handled according to data protection legislation. In addition, our staff are always available to answer any queries.