False ID: A real-world example of the need for pre-employment screening

Source: Swindon Advertiser, https://www.swindonadvertiser.co.uk/news/19141754.swindon-pair-admit-using-false-id-documents-get-work/

Last week, we reported on TrustID’s findings regarding the prevalence of the use of false ID documents. Today, we’re further aiming to highlight the need for thorough pre-employment screening. Using a real-world case study, let’s see the risk you take in a world of sophisticated false IDs. This was first reported in the Swindon Advertiser.

In an appearance at the Swindon Crown Court on Friday, 5th March, two defendants faced the judge. The first, Dyego Silveria Da Silva, pleaded guilty to two charges. These were: possession with false intent of false Italian and Portuguese ID cards. He also had fake UK and Portuguese driving licenses. Moreover, he admitted to fraud – using false ID in order to hire a van from HCS Services. Next, he used the false ID to gain employment from RAM Distribution Ltd.

Both defendants reside at Read Street, Swindon. The co-defendant, Daniely Denicolo Da Silva also admitted to possession of false ID documents: a Portuguese ID card. She admitted to fraud when she provided this false ID to GAP Personnel in order to obtain work. Both defendants denied a further charge of fraudulently using ID documents. This was to open a Monzo bank account in 2020, and they pleaded not guilty.

Comments from Judge Peter Crabtree

The judge, Peter Crabtree released the pair on bail for sentencing on April 9th, giving the following statement:

These are serious offences. They are serious [people use false ID documents] for all sorts of reasons and they facilitate breach of immigration rules and status rules in this country.

“You weren’t using them to facilitate travel into or out of the country so I am prepared to adjourn for reports. The starting point in both your cases is custody, but I’m going to ask the probation service to prepare reports that look at other options as well.


With entry to the UK workplace becoming more difficult as Brexit complicates visa issues, it’s reasonable to assume that this kind of fraud will continue to increase. If last week’s analysis by TrustID was abstract, this is a real-world example of the risks your business can mitigate with pre-employment screening. Whilst false ID documents can be very sophisticated and, to the naked eye, mimic the real deal perfectly, a simple database check can easily determine their veracity.