Employment Background Screening: Industry Trends

The PBSA and HR.com have collaborated to examine industry trends in the employment background screening industry. Their report goes into detail about what checks are being conducted – on who and how often. The report also examines the increasing value of international screening opportunities.

PBSA commissioned HR.com to conduct the 4th annual survey of our end-user community. This report reveals emerging trends in who is being screened and how often, what elements go into a background check and the increasing value of international screening capabilities.

View the full report.

The findings show that 94% of employers conduct at least one type of background screening.

The 2020 survey also found that 85% of employers say access to international screening capabilities is important, with 57% saying international screening is important to their organization directly.

For a complete overview of the 2020 Industry Survey results, join the July 21 webinar presented by PBSA Chair Bon Idziak and Executive Director Melissa Sorenson. This webinar is open to the public and all members are encouraged to invite their clients to participate.

View the full report to see employment background screening checks in detail