Criminal Record Check Price Cut

DBS to reduce fees from 6th April 2022

In expectation of a sharp increase in the number of checks employers will need in the coming years, alongside improvements in processing, the DBS has reviewed its fee structure.

In fantastic news for employers, the DBS has announced across the board fee reductions.

This consists of a fee reduction of over 20% for the Basic and Standard levels, as well as a 5% cut at the Enhanced level.

After going through parliamentary review on March 16th, the new fees will come into effect on April 6th.

DBS check




Current fee




Revised fee




Credence are pleased to confirm that all savings will be passed on to customers.

With digital identity verification, faster processing times and the most affordable prices ever, the criminal record check process has never been smoother. Credence are committed to continuing to provide unparalleled service and turnaround times for your pre-employment screening and post-employment monitoring.

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