Due Diligence

A corporate due diligence check involves an in-depth analysis of businesses, so you can make informed decisions in regards to partners, customers and competitors.

Within the complex business world there is an increasing need to know more about those with whom you do business, whether it is a more straight forward Know Your Customers (KYC) exercise or a review of a business partner, supplier, and distributor of your products or services. Alternatively, you may want an in-depth review of a business with which are looking to enter into a joint venture or to acquire or with whom you are in dispute.

As well as good practice, there is increasing legislation (FCPA, UK Bribery Act, Money Laundering Regulations 2007, US PATRIOT Act, Sarbanes Oxley) that can have a serious impact on the reputation and financial performance of an organisation. These impose requirements or suggest best practice on directors to take reasonable steps to protect their company and in some cases themselves from reputational damage, significant fines or even imprisonment.

Key Benefits

Client Focused Approach

Speed of Reporting

Affordable Prices

When carrying out due diligence we access public record information and, where possible, obtain the data from the primary source, whether it be the official company registry or the local courts. All information contained in our reports is referenced, so you know the relevant source.

We are proud to have experienced research teams dedicated to each country we cover. These teams have extensive knowledge, high expertise and great understanding of the country with which they deal and carry out local and English language searches in the media, in proprietary and in country specific databases.

Scope of work

Proprietary Database Searches

Search the subject’s name against various proprietary databases for inclusion in governmental sanctions, watch-lists and blacklists.


English and local language media searches, both full search or “Red Flag” issues only.


English and local language internet searches, both full search or “Red Flag” issues only.

Country Specific Checks

Search of data sources in the host jurisdiction to include, for example, litigation, bankruptcy, criminality, regulatory, directorships and other appropriate sources.

Corporate Filings

Includes information such as registered beneficial owners, directors, registered office, incorporation data, share and financial information.

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