Media Checks

What is a Media Check?

Search of the press, internet and other media in English or the relevant local language using Google or other appropriate search engines. Searches can be conducted focusing on negative media information only or we can conduct full media searches reporting on any articles and websites that the candidate appears in.

Types of Media Checks

Adverse/Negative Media  Our negative media searches, look into sources of subscribed database fed by millions of worldwide news articles which, includes licensed publications, websites, blogs, images and videos etc. If there are many hits we will input the candidate’s name and then a list of search strings (words such as banned, fraud, drugs, arrested, prison, fine, court, jury etc etc), so the search will pick up all articles with the candidate’s name and any of the words mentioned in the search strings.

Social Media Review  The social media searches involve accessing the candidate’s social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to look for and report on any adverse views, comments and photos. We would specifically look for anything to do with drugs, racism, extreme political views, violence, sexism and also specific searches pertaining to our client’s business and anything else that could bring their organisation into disrepute.

Full Internet Search  The internet search would be a full search on the internet to find anything that your employee has written or has been linked to that may be of interest to you. We would look at published press articles, websites, blogs, forums etc and report all of our findings in one report, highlighting any main points of interest.

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