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education verification checks

Education Verification Checks:

Employers can use Credence’s services to ensure that the qualifications claimed by potential employees can be verified.

Conducting education verification checks is vital if you require a certain minimum standard of education, a specific degree subject or grade to perform a certain role within your business. For example, in professional technical employment. Even if an employee’s qualifications are not important for the role, it is a great indication of their integrity if they are prepared to lie about their grades.

Education verification checks show the highest percentage of discrepancies than any other check we conduct. Discrepancies range from completely fake degree certificates and embellishment of grades to purchasing degrees from a diploma mill (also known as a degree mill), which is an organisation that claims to be a higher education institution, but provides illegitimate academic degrees and diplomas for a fee. In 2017 we found discrepancies with 15.7% of all education checks we conducted.

Before commencing any qualification verification, we first check whether the establishment exists and is a genuine awarding authority. Once we have verified the credentials of the educational establishment we then request confirmation usually from the student records department, of the dates of attendance, course studied and the grades/level of qualification gained. Turnaround times of this service can sometimes be affected outside term times, however, if the establishment subscribes to an online verification system, we can obtain results as fast as 1 day. Our extensive in-house language capabilities mean we can conduct education verifications in any country.

Turnaround time: 5-15 working days

Professional/Technical Memberships & Qualifications:

If you are employing professionals within your business to perform roles based on their professional qualifications and memberships, it is highly recommended that you check whether they do have the qualifications to do the job that they say they do.  Imagine employing an Accountant on the basis of their qualification only to find out at a later date, when the damage has already been done, that they were not actually qualified at all!

As with education verifications, using a combination of our extensive knowledge, internet and database checks we first verify whether the awarding authority is genuine. Once we have ascertained that the awarding body is genuine, we obtain evidence in writing to verify dates attended, qualification gained and membership status.

Discrepancy rates when conducting Professional/Technical Memberships & Qualifications checks, were 7.2% of all checks conducted in 2017.

Turnaround time: 5-15 working days

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