British Standard (BS 7858:2019)

BS 7858:2019

BS 7858:2019 is the security industry code of practice for the screening of employees where the security or safety of people, goods or property is a requirement of the employing organisation. The new BS7858 2019 vetting standard replaced the existing BS7858 2012 standard as of 31/03/2020. All employers will require a copy of the new standard and should refer to it in full. Some changes may be required to internal processes and application processes.

The BS 7858:2019 check includes:

Financial & Address Check

5 Year Address Verification, Bankruptcy and CCJ information.

Basic Level Criminal Record Check (Basic CRC)

Basic Level Criminal Record Check (Basic CRC)

Global Sanction & Compliance Database Check

A search against a consolidated database of information, including the HM Treasury Financial Sanctions List, United Nations and European Union, for inclusion in governmental sanctions, enforcements, watch-lists and blacklists as well as criminality.

5 Year History Check

References are obtained in writing for all periods of education, employment, self-employment and unemployment. All gaps over 31 days within the 5 year vetting period are verified.

Turnaround time: 10-20 working days

Carrying out pre-employment screening to BS 7858:2019 can help ensure that members of the public, as well as staff and property are kept safe – essential for employment in not only the security sector but all areas of employment. In addition, screening to this level can prove the competence of applicants, helping to demonstrate that they can carry out the job with trust and integrity. Using Credence will ensure that your pre-employment checks are carried out swiftly and correctly while meeting compliance responsibilities.