Employment Referencing: Simple, Accurate & Secure

With twenty-one years’ background screening experience we are proud of our fast, user-friendly, and secure on-line employment referencing service. Designed by us with HR departments, prospective employers, third parties and employees in mind. Welcome to: JobValidate.
Acting as an extension of your HR department and in accordance with the Data Protection Act, our user-friendly, secure on-line service can handle employee reference requests 24/7, 365 days of the year. JobValidate is a cost efficient use of your time and HR resources.
Using our purpose built online software, on dedicated secure servers with encrypted personal data, you can acquire confirmation of an individual’s job title, where they worked, when they worked there and why they left, at the touch of a button. Free of charge to you.  Financial references for mortgages and tenant references can also be obtained, quickly and efficiently.