Exit Interviews

Revenue lost when employees resign is substantial and determining why employees leave is key to reigning in expenditure. Whether conducted as a simple online survey or a person-to-person conversation with a bespoke questionnaire, identifying trends and indeed trigger points which require immediate action, can help drive organisational improvement.

By engaging an independent third-party to conduct your surveys you benefit from impartial interviewers and guaranteed confidentiality. Furthermore, outsourcing exit interviews frees up often over-stretched HR departments.

Key Benefits

  • We are good listeners! In a short space of time our experienced interviewers earn the employee’s trust, listen and probe only when necessary. We understand that some information may be of a sensitive nature and therefore, guarantee confidentiality. This personal investment means that the interview adopts a conversational tone, much more conducive to gaining answers of a qualitative nature.

    • Person-to-person phone calls made in quiet, non call centre style offices.
    • Multi-lingual team of interviewers.
    • Evening and weekend service.
    • Priority service available for urgently required interviews.
    • Quantifiable & actionable results with optional trend analysis via secure data reporting channels.
    • Tailor-made packages to suit you; be it essential online surveys or person-to-person solutions.

    We are: Impartial & Confidential. Your data is: Honest & Secure.